Dentures are made from plastic resin and offer an affordable replacement for missing teeth. They are available as full dentures, meaning an entire mouth of teeth are replaced, or partial, meaning that only a few teeth here and there are replaced. Both full and partial dentures are custom fabricated to fit your individual needs and are made to restore eating and speaking function. Full dentures will be fabricated entirely out of plastic resin and may include some porcelain. Partial dentures are also made from plastic resin, however they also utilize a metal framework that attaches the denture to your existing teeth. Depending on the location of your missing teeth, the metal framework may or may not be visible when you smile.

Did You Know?

Currently, it is estimated that 35 million Americans wear full or partial dentures. It is also estimated that over 60% of American adults are missing one or more teeth, and 10% of American adults are missing all of their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for dentures?

You may be a candidate for dentures if you have severely decayed or damaged teeth that need to be removed or if you already have a missing tooth or teeth and are looking for an affordable restoration option. To find out if full dentures or partial dentures are right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Glen Park Family Dentistry today!

What should I expect when being fit for dentures at Glen Park Family Dentistry?

Before being fit for dentures at Glen Park Family Dentistry, you can expect to have any severely decayed or damaged teeth removed. Once these teeth have been removed, a dental impression will be taken of your remaining teeth (if any), gum structure, and the roof of your mouth. This impression will be used to make a mold of your mouth that is sent to a dental lab to custom fabricate your dentures. Once the dentures are complete, you will return to Glen Park Family Dentistry for a final fitting.

How do I care for my new dentures?

To properly care for your dentures, you will need to clean them by brushing them daily. When they are not in your mouth, your dentures should be stored in water or a denture solution to prevent their shape from warping. In addition to brushing your dentures daily, you will also need to gently brush your gums and any remaining teeth to keep your mouth free from bacteria. When you first begin wearing dentures, you may need to take some time to adjust to them, however they should become more comfortable over time. If you have a partial denture, you may need to have it rebased within a few years to accommodate any changes in your bone structure.     For a full-range of high-quality dental care, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Glen Park Family Dentistry today! Glen Park Family Dentistry proudly serves Glen Burnie, MD and the surrounding communities.
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