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Dr. Robert M. Kim
Your Chino Hills Dentist

Robert M. Kim DDS was born in Owensboro, KY and raised in Diamond Bar California. He completed his undergraduate studies at La Sierra University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Robert M. Kim DDS graduated Cum Laude and he was well-liked by all of his fellow students. During his undergraduate years, Dr. Robert M. Kim went on many missionary trips to help the underserved because he believes in giving back to the community.

Dr. Robert M. Kim graduated from Loma Linda University with a DDS degree. Robert M. Kim DDS was always on top of academics and clinical studies. Dr. Kim’s mission in life reflects Loma Linda’s mission, which is to serve others. Before starting his own practice, Robert M. Kim DDS worked as an associate in San Diego, California. He associated in two different offices and gained his passion for technology, mainly lasers. As lasers revolutionized health care, Dr. Robert M. Kim has kept up with the laser industry to clinically help his patients in a very conservative manner. Robert M. Kim DDS is within a circle of a very excellent staff to create a wonderful experience for our patients.

Robert M. Kim DDS is blessed to have a beautiful, healthy family. He has 2 kids. Dr. Robert M. Kim recently celebrated his son’s first birthday with his wife, family, and friends. Not only does he love his family, he loves animals. He has two dogs which always bring joy in his household. Dr. Kim’s other passion after his family and pets is sports. Robert M. Kim DDS is a sports fanatic and loves to cheer for his teams.

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Dr. Montry Suprano
Board Certified Dental Prosthodontist/Implantologist

Dr. Montry Suprano is a second generation dentist. Dr Suprano follows the mission statement of Serving Others as followed at Loma Linda University. One of Dr. Suprano’s true passions is to teach. As a faculty dentist at Western University and Loma Linda University, Dr. Suprano is able to mentor and teach the future generations of dentists.

On his free time, Dr. Suprano loves to hang out with his family and friends. Some of his other hobbies include reading books, watching movies, traveling and driving cars.

Dr. Sue Jean Park
Dental Anesthesiologist

Dr. Sue Jean Park has grown up locally in Southern California. Dr. Park loves helping kids and adults with the phobia of dental treatment. As a Loma Linda graduate, she also follows the mantra of “serving others”. Her passion for serving others is easily felt when you experience the care that she gives.

On her days off, Dr. Park loves to go to church and help out in the community. Also, she loves to travel and spend time with family.

Dr. Taka

Hobbies: Working out at Orange Theory Fitness. Playing League of Legends and watching movies.

Favorite Color: Blue/Black

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
Dentistry is a field that combines medicine with art. It enables me to work with my hands as well as this form a bond with my patients on a daily basis. Every patient has their own interesting story and I enjoy talking about it. This gives me satisfaction and joy when I can relieve patients out of pain and see them happy also restoring their smile.


Hobbies: Hiking, riding in a Harley Davidson group

Favorite Color: Turquoise

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
As a senior member of our team, I bring years of experience to our office. I decided that I wanted to be a dental hygienist by the time I was 12 years old. The hygienist that I saw as a child inspired me to be gentle and caring but thorough. I have learned that general health is affected by the health of the mouth. I have worked in many offices through the years and I believe that the staff at Avion Dental is the most caring and compassionate team I have worked with.

Dental Hygienist

Hobbies: I love spending time with my family, friends and traveling around the world.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
What I love about being a dental hygienist is the ability to bring a patient’s smile to a healthier stage and to motivate patients on how to achieve a lifetime of dental health. My goal as a hygienist is to give every patient comfortable and thorough hygiene visits.


Hobbies: Photography and working out

Favorite Color: Purple

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
I love to educate my patients on the importance of oral health. I love hearing back from my patients on their great teeth cleaning experience!


Hobbies: I enjoy reading, spending time with my daughter and husband. 🙂

Favorite Color: Pink

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
I love to help patients have a wonderful visit at Avion dental. I also love the way dentistry can really change someone’s life by improving the health & appearance of their smile.


Hobbies:I like hiking and exploring, loading up on snacks and going to the drive-in, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Color: Yellow

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
I love seeing patients fall in love with their smiles and making their visits as comfortable and smooth as possible.


Hobbies: Roller skating – real roller skates 4 wheel style, spending time with my puppies and kids.

Favorite Color: Black

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
I love dentistry because nothing feels better than giving the patient a mirror and watching their face light up. A healthy beautiful smile changes lives. A simple smile goes a long way; an Avion dental smile lasts forever. My patients are very special to me and I get excited about each of their visits.


Hobbies: I enjoy making events sweeter with baking as well as crafting.

Favorite Color: Pink and turquoise

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
I have been in the dental industry for years and it has become more than just a job. I can help patients with their health as far as dental hygiene and also help someone smile who hasn’t in a long time. I love that we can change patient lives with cosmetic dentistry helping them feel better about themselves. But most importantly, I am in a place that allows me to help someone feel confident and that brings a smile to my face. 🙂


Hobbies: Off roading

Favorite Color: Green

What do you love about dentistry & your patients?
Being able to help my patients gain their confidence by having a nice smile.

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